Monday, 23 July 2012

Happy Birthday! Cakes Part III: Batter Bowl Cakes B

For our football-loving boy, I decided to make a football cake one year, using the SBB, cutting the cake in half from top-to-bottom and placing the wide ends together.  Unlike the fish bowl, flat ends wouldn’t do for the pigskin!  I used a 250 mL Prep Bowl with a little batter in it to bake the points of the ball.  As you can see, the ends didn’t turn out perfectly, but Mommy tried… 

To make the base of the cake, I baked a double batch of brownies in my Large Bar Pan, then cooled, cut and stacked slices of it. There were a few scraps of cake left and my “canvas” of the large cutting board was looking a bit bare, so I used my football cookie cutter to make some shapes to finish it up.  I still was quite green in the ways of fondant, plus my football was kind of lumpy so I hope none of you gagged at the sight of the brown object… :-P   As I tell my students, a mistake is a chance to learn…  Yeah – learn to leave fondant to the experts!

If you have created anything with your Batter Bowl, I would love to hear about or see it.  This will be it for birthday cakes from my island for a while – salads or the Watermelon Shark will be coming up! Write a comment if you have a preference.  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Nice cakes Jenn! I've enjoyed reading the cake series and am looking forward to whatever is next :) You are very ambitious and creative with your baking.

  2. Thank you, Jenna! The watermelon shark will be next. I hope your kids will think it's neat, too. :-)


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