Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Teddy Bear Race Cars: Summer 2013 Models

Teddy Bear Race Cars
*This post was started loooong ago during the summer 2013 when I became a vendor at the Farmers' Market with my business coined "Playing with Food". I feel the desire to finish some of the abandoned pieces during the COVID-19 Stay Home period and perhaps other people have a little time to spare to create finicky treats, so here we go together!

During Mid-July and mid-Farmers' Market career, I'd had some peer pressure via Facebook and Pinterest to make these beary adorable treats featured in, created with mini Mars bars, Smarties, and Teddy Grahams:
So cute!  True!     
Kids'll love 'em!  Guaranteed!     
Quick and easy to make?  Not so much!                 

These turned out being made in a limited quantity because of sliding Smarties.  
I learned that icing glue (icing sugar & water) is better to be made in a thicker consistency and then diluted than starting out thin and giving it a go.

First: Set up the work station

Next: Wheel assembly

Now that's a good-lookin' car!

Warning: The next section is not for the faint of heart.

You may have noticed that the mini Mars Bars cars (tongue twister!) do not actually have an interior. And the bears must fit somehow into said automobiles. It gets a bit ugly here. Viewer discretion is advised.

That's how it happens. Now that the violent part is complete, Mr. Bear will fit nicely "in" the car and receives a Smartie steering wheel.

The parking lot is full, only two hours or so later...

 Cute little bears:  Start your engines!

Around we go - wheeeeee!

Thanks for cruising back to my island! I have a few more unfinished pieces to complete and share with you soon. Travel safely during your infrequent trips, 
wash with soap often, and keep hope.