Sunday, 15 July 2012

Inaugural Post from My Island


Seven months ago at Christmas dinner, my cousin, Trevor, suggested that I begin a blog about my kitchen exploits.  I joke with my friends that I'm not particularly creative - I don't scrapbook, quilt, make cards, or do interior decorating - but I do love to play with my food and share it with others.  Some people dread being asked to bring something to a potluck, bake sale, church lunch, baby shower, etc., but I look forward to it!  The only problem with my love of trying new recipes and trying to create interesting presentations of the food is that a few friends have made comments like, "I can't invite you over for lunch because I'll be too embarrassed to serve you what I can make..." :-(

Goals of my blog are to share:
1) stories of my adventures in cooking,
2) interesting recipes, both nutritious and sinfully rich,
3) tips and tricks I've learned (I am a teacher after all!), and
4) how my passion for food would never motivate me to judge my friends' or family's cooking!

If I'm really fortunate, I hope to
1) get friendly feedback and ideas from other people who visit me here,
2) learn more about myself,* and
3) avoid any infringement on copyright rules and/or get sued! 

This is my very first blog so if you have suggestions about the format, can correct any unintentional faux-pas of blogging, or want more information about either something that I've written about or that you wonder if I've tackled, let me know!  I have been trying to get my name under my photo but am calling it quits for tonight.  Baby steps, Jenn, baby steps...  Blog posts I hope to assemble soon include the watermelon shark I made with my class, birthday cakes, and summer salads.  Any preferences?  I'm so glad you came to see me! :-)


*I was going to add "avoid grammatical or word-choice errors" because have a few Grammar Goddesses as friends," but then I realized that this comment was akin to the "I'm afraid to cook for you" issue.  Ahh...learning more about myself already!


  1. Very excited to see your posts jennifer, as you may know cooking/baking is a huge challenge for me. So very excited to see if I can get some quick and easy tips from you :)

  2. Thanks, Dawn! I'll be putting up a post today, once I figure out how to add photos. It will be one of many about birthday cakes.


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