Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hungry for Hallowe'en

I have a confession:  I was holding back some of the photos which could have been categorized in former posts so I could use them for Hallowe'en.  Who was thinkin' ahead?  This girl!

If you are aware of my ophidiophobia and my husband's arachnophobia, you may be surprised by some of this segment's offerings.

Super Snakes

Ssso, I ssspotted these sssuper sssnacks on Pinterest; these were described as caterpillars, however.  Whether you view them as being reptiles or insects, they are really easy to assemble.  I used 6" skewers, grapes, and canned frosting for adhering the mini chocolate chip eyes.

Here are the rest of the fruity friends.
I made them for my class as a reward for positive group behavior.
The snakey sticks were, literally and figuratively, SWEET!  
Serpent Sammies
Split bread-type cheese sticks, add your favorite ingredients inside, cut forked tongues out of raw red pepper strips, and stick on Cheerio eyes with some spreadable cream cheese.

Silly, Sassy Spiders

I'm so glad I took these pictures of Miriam making cupcakes for her class in 2006...she was such a spunky little pumpkin.  
I made standard cupcakes from a cake mix; sometimes I toss in an extra egg or two or substitute sour cream for some of the oil to make the cupcakes more dense.  Crumbly cupcakes are a pain to deal with, especially when little people are eating them!  When the cupcakes were cooled, I iced them with store-bought frosting because it was a busy fall and because I love using the frosting containers at school.  Miriam was in charge of the spider-making.
We used a divided tray formerly used for vegetables to hold the decorations of cut-up laces licorice for the legs and mouths, and gum drops for the eyes. 

I love the sneaky expression she sports in this photo. That look comes from her daddy...the same daddy that likes to tease and would hide in the dark or behind doors or shower curtains to scare them when they were younger...and not just around Hallowe'en! 

I drew spider webs on the parchment paper with which I covered the trays so the creatures had proper homes.

Miriam's spiders showed a lot of personality as well as the charm of assembly-by-first-grader!

Scare-Free Skeleton  (unless you're afraid of vegetables, I suppose!)

Thank you to my friend, Tanya, parent of a former student, who taught me a thing or two about how making the veggie tray choice for shared lunches could be awesome!

Hair = red cabbage leaf sections 
Face = dip in a shallow bowl or ramekin
Eyes = grape or cherry tomatoes
Smile = yellow pepper
Shoulders = narrow celery sticks
Arm bones = lathed carrot pieces
Hands = tiny cauliflower florets
Spine = English cucumber slices
Ribs = yellow pepper strips
Pelvis = mushroom slices
Femurs/Femora = wider celery sticks
Knees = tiny cauliflower florets
Fibulae & Tibiae = lathed carrots again
Feet = grape tomatoes
Toes = broccoli florets

Yummy Mummy Spinach Dip

I made this neat looking appetizer for our church camp's Hallowe'en party last year.  It was pretty easy - you make a mummy shape out of thawed frozen bread dough or pizza dough, bake it, stick on 2 black olive slices for eyes, and melt on torn-apart cheese strings for the mummy's wrappings!  You carve out the bread in the body part, make the cold spinach dip to put into the hollow just before eating, and serve with pieces of bread or the recipe's suggestion, Wheat Thins.  Most spinach dips are heated in the oven in the bread bowl for a while but this one is a mix 'n' serve variety.  Here is the link to Kraft's website and the recipe.  I didn't take a photo of my own creation (rats!) but it did look very comparable to the one shown and the kids at the party loved it.

Additional notes:
  • Try to find a recipe for the rest of the red cabbage head since you will only use a tiny portion of one of its leaves!
  • Ranch dressing seems to be the dip equivalent of cheese pizza...most kids'll eat it.
  • The "lathed carrots" which I refer to are the little ones you buy in a bag.  I loved that phrase when I heard it on CBC last year - such an accurate description!  Usually, they don't taste like much but my church friend, Genia, works magic on them by roasting them with a bit of chopped onion, butter, salt, and pepper in a covered casserole for an hour at 350 F / 180 C.  Yummy!
  • I now know the scientific term for fear of snakes as well as the plurals of fibula and tibia.  I have a new Internet friend -

Thank you for flying, creeping, and crawling to my island!  I wish you a very Happy Hallowe'een that is full of fun things on which to feast.


P.S.  Gotta go...the Alliteration Police are here, stating that I overdid it this time.

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